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The Fall Cleanse Group

October 8 - November 8

In this virtual group experience you will prepare your body and mind for the long winter ahead. 


Just as the leaves will begin to change bright colors with all of their excess heat built up from summer and eventually shed them, we too have some excess heat to let go of.


When our excess summer heat is not dispelled in the fall, we find ourselves drying out in the winter and then creating too much mucus in the spring. How well we care for ourselves each season dictates how we will feel in the next.


This fall, start syncing to the wisdom of the seasons by conducting an ayurvedic fall cleanse.


This cleanse is based on ancient ayurvedic wisdom explained by Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar in his book, The Hot Belly Diet. This reference to a “hot belly,” does not mean six pack abs, although that is a possibility.


The “hot belly” he refers to is internal, the power of each of our digestive fires, our agni in Sanskrit. When our agni is burning strong and bright we are able to digest our food and impressions so well that we begin to enjoy lightness and clarity. We shed pounds and start to feel better immediately. 


When conducted in the fall a cleanse helps us to reignite our agni and dispel the heat of summer.


In modern times, most of us have less than optimal agni or digestive fire. Much goes undigested and we end up with excess weight, stangnancy, and diseases of the mind and body.


The simplest way to stoke our digestive fire is to eat a limited diet for a period of time. In this type of diet you eat easily-digested foods to give your digestive system a break. This is further enhanced by eating foods that are in season. There is not an insane sense of deprivation with this protocol and, in fact, after a day or two you will be pleased to feel less bloated and that your cravings have subsided in a most surprising way.


When other daily practices are added like yoga, deep breathing, walking and perhaps extra cardio (depending on your readiness), and other simple ayurvedic practices like scraping your tongue, drinking warm water throughout the day, abstaining from snacking, and fasting after 7pm your success will be accelerated.


For the preparation phase, we will use the book as our anchor text, a base of knowledge that we will all share. The book is on sale through for only 5 dollars! It may take some time to arrive so I would do that ASAP. It is also available on Amazon and KindIe. I  will give specific section reading assignments in our private Facebook Group, so you do not have to read the whole book at once

From here, starting in October, when we start the 30-day active phase of the cleanse, we will gather once a week online via Zoom to ask questions, learn new tools and resources, and to share our challenges. 


Learning to conduct an ayurvedic cleanse in the spring and fall has been one of my most effective tools for tuning up and feeling better inside and out.  Join this commUNITY to learn the same tool!

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