The Fall Cleanse Group

October 7 - November 4

The changes of season provide the best opportunity to complete ayurvedic cleanses. In the fall, as the leaves of the trees turn bright red and orange with summer's residual fire and fall to the ground, so should we shed our excess heat.


This cleanse is very gentle and adherence to it will leave you feeling bright and clear.


Joining this group gets you everything you need to complete the cleanse successfully and includes:

  • A cooking class to show you how to make ayurveda's fundamental cleansing recipes. (You will bring some important cleanse elements home with you like homemade ghee, fall churna (spice blend), medicinal epsom salt soak and medicinal massage oil). 

  • A PDF that includes:   

    • the nuts and bolts behind the cleanse 

    • articles about supportive cleanse practices

    • cleanse recipes 

    • meal plans for the weeks of your cleanse.

    • a cleanse pantry list.

  • Membership in the Root and Rise Cleanse Facebook Group. This will connect you to many other people just like you who are completing the cleanse and will add a layer of accountability.

  • A weekly interactive Root and Rise Cleanse Facebook Group video talk in which I will discuss issues and ideas that will come up throughout the cleanse process. This can be watched asynchronously if you cant make the live version.

  • Unlimited email support from me.

  • A 1/2 hour ayurvedic consultation in which we will determine any warning signs of doshic imbalance.

3 Different Ways to Get Involved

Option 1: Just come to the Fall Cleanse Cooking Class on Monday October 7th 6- 8pm in Buffalo, NY.

Option 2: Come to the Fall Cleanse Cooking Class and join the Fall Cleanse Group which gives you access to all of the above mentioned supports.

Option 3: Just join the Fall Cleanse Group which will give you access to all of the supports above except for the cooking class.

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