• Jessica Mascle

~ Be With Your Fear ~

A Practice For When You Are Feeling Afraid

  1. Get into a comfortable position. This can be lying down, sitting up, or even while standing.

  2. Scan your body starting with your head and see if you can physically feel where fear is in your body. I often feel fear in my shoulders, in my tummy, and on the surface of my skin. You may feel it somewhere totally different though. Pay attention to your body.

  3. Let yourself feel the fear. You do not have to fight with the feeling. Lean into it even allowing yourself to be with the fear like a friend in need. Be present.

  4. Remind yourself that everyone is feeling this way. Fear is a major part of our collective consciousness. Try and feel a sense of unity with all people.

  5. Now, turn your compassion towards yourself. What would you say to someone you were consoling? I might say something like, “everything is going to be ok,” or “this too shall pass.” Can you feel a sense of self-love anywhere in your body? Maybe feeling warmth or softness at your heart center.

  6. Practice this whenever you are feeling afraid or even proactively when you don’t.

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