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Write Your Hero's Journey

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

This writing exercise helps you to retell the story of your past, take stock of where you are at present, and imagine your future. As you do so you will begin to see sacred patterns and themes, your unique gifts, recurring challenges, and your soul’s deepest desires. This can be done as a long luxurious quest or can be done in a more bare -bones style. This creation will be something you build on for the rest of your life! For those of you who have already started this process with me - it's time to revisit. My number one tip for writing this, is to write from your subconcious and not your mind. If you find yourself wanting to omit or filter, this is a clue that your mind is guiding your process. To help with this, I suggest you center yourself before digging in. This could look like some movement with breath, a systematic relaxation, or scan of the physical, mental, emotional, and spritual bodies. This exercise is enhanced when you find a clean journal and some inspired art materials. Light a candle, burn some incense, whatever helps you to feel enveloped in a more sacred space. Please read through the whole exercise before beginning so you know the flow. Steps:

  1. Beginning with your earliest memories, go through your life telling the story of who you were and what you went through at any and all important stages of your life.

  2. Next, reflect on where you are in life now and write that into your journey.

  3. After that, don’t stop. Write the story of the rest of your life. Imagine that in this future you are living as the best version of yourself. You are thriving in every way imaginable and that at your passing you are at peace with what you have accomplished.

  4. Once your Hero's Journey is drafted, contemplate the following reflection questions in your journal:

Reflection Questions:

  • What gifts did I come into this life with?

  • What did I accomplish by the time of my passing?

  • What were the challenges I met and moved through?

  • What tools and resources developed you?

  • What were the lessons I learned?

  • What were the values I came away with?

  • What relationships and accomplishments am I most proud of?

Tips and Extensions:

  • Be as creative as you want; draw the story with few words, tell it in 7 scenes, or any other way that comes out. I want you to be sure not to get bored writing it out like an autobiography.

  • Be sure to express the emotions that come up- good and bad and to really be brave enough to be honest about the serious challenges you have endured.

  • To dig even deeper, start with an ancestor’s story. Often times, our Soul’s purpose comes from our father’s lineage.

  • Give your journey a title and bring some creative expressioni nto to the practice by creating one or more images that speak to the essence of the journey.

  • Add layers of jyotish, yoga, and ayurveda onto your story.

  • Add colors, shapes, and textures to help convey feelings and emotions.

What did you find?! I would love to witness your harvest. Book in for a chat by emailing me at and let's see how I can support you!

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