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Systematize Your Healing Practice

We are complex beings in a multiverse!

When we are on a healing journey that can feel daunting. Where do you even begin?

This is what I love about the chakra system. It is systematic and deductive. All of our existence is categorized into just 7 energy centers with distinct functions. Spending time with each, in a particular way, will heal you.

Vedic seers were revealed this map of consciousness in our bodies thousands of years ago in their mediations. These teachings were preserved from memory and oral recital until they were written down in humanity’s oldest spiritual texts, the Vedas.

These energy centers are alive within us. Energy flows up and down through them. They receive, assimilate, and express energy in their own special and distinct ways.

Each of them gets “programmed” as a result of our life experience as children (even in utero), through our ancestors’ experiences (as can be elaborated upon in the study of epigenetics), and through cultural conditioning. This is where things can go astray and chakras can easily and unconsciously become blocked.

Maybe there is not enough energy flowing through or maybe there is too much energy flowing through- these impact all of the currents I mentioned above and mess up the whole system.

You may struggle with health issues (1st chakra), or courage (third chakra), or relationships (4th chakra) and an infinite number of other symptoms may result.

Join me and explore this phenomenon as you are living it!

Let's come to understand each chakra by spending some time there and applying a practice.

It's a good idea to do an assessment of yourself at this point. Starting up top, let's look at your spiritual life, and then let's look at the mental landscape, moving down next to the emotions, and lastly to the body.

Note, however that when you start to heal this system, it is most beneficial to start at the root.

Systematic Energy Evaluation

Journaling Questions


  • What is your basic form of spirituality (answers can vary from a specific religion to nature) If you don’t have any form of spirituality in your life, do you feel a lack or are you content? Do you think of spirituality as a waste of time?

  • Is your form of spirituality inherited (i.e., your parent’s religion) or self-chosen or both? If self-chosen, what events led to this choosing?

  • How satisfied are you with the spiritual aspect of your life?

  • What portion of your life is spent in the practice of your spirituality? Would you like this to be more or less?

  • What goals would you like to set for yourself spiritually, if an? Is there spiritual programming from a childhood religion that you would like to recover or remove?


  • What portion of your life is spent on mental activities (reading, writing, thinking, reasoning, solving problems, daydreaming) Would you like it to be more or less?

  • How mentally stimulating is your work? Your friendships? Your home life?

  • How many books do you read in a month? How many hours do you spend on TV or other media activities?

  • Are you satisfied with your level of education?

  • What is your favorite mental activity and what do you get out of it?


  • Over the course of a month, what emotional states do you spend the most time in (depression, fear, anger, joy)?

  • How emotionally fulfilling do you find your life, relationships, your work?

  • What goals would you choose for yourself emotionally (to feel more confident, less angry, more a passionate, more patient)?


  • Take time to feel into your body. Where is it chronically tense, numb, and/or in pain? Where does it feel good, full of energy and life, and pleasure? Go into yourself deeply and explore without judgement. Write down the places in your body that come to your attention, and what you feel there -both the good and the bad.

  • As a whole, how do you feel about your body? Do you pay attention to it? Are you happy with the way it feels and behaves? Is it pleasurable to be in your body? Does your body feel like excess baggage you must carry around? Do you have chronic pain or addictive disorders?

  • How much time in each week do you give to your body (getting movement, getting a massage, eating healthy, walking)?

  • What are your goals for your body (get your cavities filled, clean up your diet, get the deep tissue mammogram, gain weight)?

If you are registered for the Cannabis Healing Event on Sunday June 26th, I really hope you do this journaling beforehand, especially the physical body portion. The physical body, related to the earth element is where we will start and focus on that day.

We still have 4 spots available and I am preparing all of the on-boarding materials so, if you were thinking of joining and didn't get to it, now is the time

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