• Jessica Mascle

Lunch Is Life!

Take a momemt and imagine this...

You are on your lunch break, so you head to a local bistro to meet up with some of your friends. You grab a great table and begin to order generously from the menu. You and your friends agreed to share a bunch of dishes that provide variety and you all are eager to savor the food. Everyone puts their phones aside and focus instead, on one another and on the aromas, tastes, and textures of the meal. After the meal, you even order a dessert and a cappucino. You leave the table feeling so satisfied and content. As if this scenario couldnt get any better... after, you go to the park and take a 15-minute nap and then take a short brisk walk along a wooded path to get yourself ready to head back to work.

What if approaching lunch in this manner can actually help you lose weight?!

Ayurveda, the ancient science that helps you to tune into Nature provides us with some reasons as to why this insane statement is actually true.

1. Lunch is eaten at a time where the energy of the sun helps us to digest our food more effectively.

2. Eating enough food at lunch helps us to gain a sense of satisfaction that can last right through to the next day. No large dinner necessary!

3. Focusing on our meal and not on our phones, helps our body to relax and register what it actually needs to do- digest.

4. Eating a variety of foods at lunch ensure that we are getting all of the nutrients we need to feel satisfied.

5. Taking a very short rest after we eat helps the body and mind relax so digestion can begin.

6. Taking a walk after we rest can get us invigorated and ready to head back to work.

I can honestly say that I was sceptical abut this approach for many reasons. For one, how can you justify eating like this when your normal M.O. is to complete a working lunch? Or how can you afford to eat a lunch fit for a queen everyday? And of course there is the fact that to pull this off at home takes a lot of time and energy that we don't have in modern times.

What I have learned though is that once you decide to prioritize lunch in this way into your life, you will find a way to make it a reality.

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