• Jessica Mascle

How to Harness a Higher Form of Ashlesha Nakshatra

With Moon transiting Ashlesha nakshatra, we are individually and collectively faced with some serious choices.

  • Do we choose to evolve and grow or remain stagnant?

  • Will we use our powers to promote light or darkness?

Ashlesha is serpent energy and its LOWER FORM is rampant in today’s society. Secrets, manipulation, greed, lust, gluttony, selfishness, hoarding, toxicity, materialism, deception, promiscuity, and illusion are the norms of the modern era. Unchecked, this energy is the epitome of everything this world is plagued by. This darkness will be magnified in the coming weeks.

You can’t hide from this energy, it lives within you.

But…YOU CAN CHOOSE to harness Ashlesha in its HIGHER FORM. Its power can be channeled to aid in our AWAKENING. The serpent within each of us is highly sensitive, intuitive, and spiritual. Your inner serpent KNOWS ALL and can manifest MIRACLES. Its vibration is pure consciousness and is the ANTIDOTE for our individual and collective HEALING.

Which serpent form will you channel in the coming weeks?

Need some support?

Here are 6 tips to help you navigate this Moon cycle:

  1. Detox Moderate your intake of toxic food, drinks, products, people, and impressions.

  2. Digest A snake swallows its food whole. Chew yours well and fast between meals.

  3. Simplify Put a moratorium on buying new things. Purge and clean up your space.

  4. Lay Low Choose solitude in nature over social events.

  5. Practice Connect with yourself intimately. What are you feeling energetically in your body?

  6. Let Go As a snake sheds it skin, so must you. What are you letting go of and becoming?

We all need even more support, consider joining my Guided Book Club this fall as we read Unblocked by Margaret Lynch-Raniere. This book helped me connect with myself and to overcome huge blocks and false beliefs. The wisdom and tools in this book ca change your life!

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