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How to Eat in Spring

When the seasons change, we automatically adjust. We get out a different set of clothes, our activities change, we even change our clocks! it makes perfect sense then, that we should also change our diet.

Spring is the optimal time to cleanse and purify our bodies and minds. As the ground opens up with all of the spring rain, so do our tissues, making spring the optimal time to purify and detoxify the mind/body system.

In the spring, our appetite naturally trails off and we find ourselves knowing that we need to burn off the fat we accumulated in the winter. We may even find that we have an excessive amount of mucus and hopefully we are able to ward off a spring cold.

Ayurveda, the ancient science that helps us to tune into Nature, has some very sensible suggestions for making this a reality. Following these guidelines, will help you to lose your extra weight and your sense of lethargy will lighten up.

1. Favor foods that are light in nature. During the winter we ate more protein and fat than usual. Nuts, meats, oils, and dairy kept us warm and grounded. In spring we can back off of those heavy items as we aim for lighter, lower - fat fare like sprouts, berries, and salads made with leafy greens.

2. Favor foods that are dry in nature. Spring is already wet so, we can respond intelligently by emphasizing the opposing quality of dryness to our diet. We don't need to eat yeasty wheat bread or mushy cooked oats. Opt for crackers and other dry grains like barley and cornmeal.

3. Favor foods that are warm in nature. Let's face it, spring around here is still pretty cold so, be sure to continue to drink warm drinks like herbal teas and lean towards well-spiced and cooked vegetables. Beware of cold milk and ice water as these will have the tendency to slow down or dampen our digestion.

4. Consume astringent tasting foods to balance wetness. Astringent foods and drinks make for a dry and chalky taste in the mouth. Think black beans, apples, popcorn, and baked potatoes.

5. Consume the pungent taste to heat up the system. Now is the time to use ginger, onions, hot peppers, and garlic in everything you cook in order to get your digestive fire burning strong.

6. Consume the bitter taste to detoxify the system. Turmeric, kale, and dark chocolate will do the trick!

These are general guidelines, but we should each take our own mind /body type or dosha into account when tailor making a spring diet. If you need any help feel free to connect with me.

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