• Jessica Mascle

Grounding is the Medicine

Years ago, I was listening to one of my mentors' podcasts. She was talking about the essential task at hand: grounding into our bodies in order to feel a lasting sense of safety. Without this foundation she explained, all of our efforts to live to our full potential would be in vain. This was a game changer for me! For years I had been aware of the separation from my body. All of my energy, it seemed was in my mind as I strove to, somewhat unsuccessfully, drop into nothingness in my yoga practices. So, with her guidance I sought out to explore more somatic or body-centered and nature-based tools for my healing. With these practices I have the intention to balance the upward and downward flow of my energy. With the uplifting energy I am empowered and with the downward flow into the Earth I am solid, present, centered, and calm. I feel safe and trusting.

Without a balanced flow you may be struggling with:

  • Fear of change

  • Anxiety

  • Dissociation with the body

  • Rigid boundaries and hyper-vigilance

  • Financial instability

  • Addiction

  • Disorganization

  • Loose boundaries

  • Obsession with the body

  • Addiction

  • Hoarding

I realize grounding to be a MAJOR missing element in our society and would even consider this dissociation with the body an epidemic.

As we cope through our life experiences we build up chronic tension that blocks the free flow of energy in our bodies.

Though sometimes we are able to recognize this holding in our physical bodies in the form of shoulder and neck strain, jaw clenching, or knots in the stomach, it is less easy to see the more subtle blockages in the chakra system.

Once a chakra is blocked or diffused with residual tension the subsequent chakras receive but a fraction of potential energy thus limiting our ability to receive and express.

Your first, root, or muladhara chakra holds the key to the way you identify with your physical body and its needs.

When balanced you may enjoy:

  • Good health

  • Vitality

  • A sense of being grounded

  • Comfort in the body

  • A sense of trust

  • A feeling of safety

  • Ability to relax and be still

  • Stability

  • Prosperity

People who endured abandonment or neglect, malnourishment, abuse, a violent and/or impoverished environment in childhood and/or in the first years of moving away from home may find that their first or root chakra is especially blocked. Understanding your own narrative connected to this chakra and learning to affirm that “I have the right to be here” and “ I have the right to have what I need to survive” are your sacred guides.

We can transform and heal the root chakra through practices that support the development of awareness and/or letting go. Committing to somatic and nature-based therapies, doing physical activity like mindfully lifting weights and running, massage, yoga, reparenting, and other forms of bioenergetic healing help you to feel safe, secure, hopeful, grounded, calm and present in your body and space.

I am here to practice with you. Calling in all the supports on June 26th on the West side of Buffalo we will spend a retreat day at an urban farm, grounding down to our bodies and the Earth.

I chose this day for a special cosmic reason that I will tell you more about in another post.

In addition to spending mindful time in the gardens we will spend lots of time working with cannabis to get to know our own bodies through guided visualization, creative expression, movement, tapping (EFT), and dialectic journaling.

My intention is for you to leave with a deeper sense of grounding into your body and Earth for I believe this is the medicine for our world.

More info and sign up link here.

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