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Fulfillment and Weight Loss

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I have such an intense longing to be trim. It's not a particular weight I want to be ... it’s just a feeling I want to have. I want to slide into my pants with some room. I want to wear that dress and feel good. I want to walk around casually at the beach. I try and try … my belly is still here. No doubt, I am discouraged and the stories I have told myself can get pretty ugly, but something is shifting for me. It is as if this pause has given me the time to really think about where I am at, what I want, and what I need to do to get there.

Last week, I shared three tips (eating spring-appropriate foods, making lunch the biggest meal, and exercising with ease not urgency) to try while on pause to Manage Stress and to Burn Fat. I feel like these shifts have been a lifesaver for me over the last weeks. I want to build off of them and add one more - fulfillment.


We eat for many reasons other than that we are hungry. When we are stressed - we eat. When we are bored - we eat. When we are sad - we eat. Overeating somehow and artificially, helps us to dull our anxiety, to feel love, and to fill ourselves with something when we feel empty. It's not just overeating either, have you ever found yourself scrolling obsessively through social media, binge watching tv, or having too many cocktails? These are all ways we distract ourselves from getting to what is important or ways we try and fulfill ourselves.

When we are hungry we undoubtedly desire something, but what is it that we really desire?

All of us need to feel safe and secure, we need to feel loved, and we need to feel our lives have purpose. Are you actually hungry for more food or are you overeating to fulfill those needs?

If these needs were fulfilled, would you still overeat? It is my belief that the extent to which we have safety and stability, love, and purpose in our lives the less susceptible we will be to overeating.

Reconnecting to our body, emotions, and spirit is a powerful tool in helping regulate your body weight. We ask our friends and family how they are doing all of the time, but how often do we ask ourselves? If we took the time to tune into and listen to our body and our emotions, what would we learn? If you listen close enough, your body will tell you what’s the matter and what it needs to feel fulfilled.

I want to guide you through how to do this. Before you play this video, you should prepare your space by establishing a warm and comfortable place to lay down and a place to do some art with a journal or sketchpad and some inspiring art materials. You will be going between these two places during the practice. The practice is about a half hour long. I hope you will share with me what you learn from your own body's wisdom.

Play the video HERE.

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