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First Chakra Matters

After a week like we have had here in Buffalo NY, my intuition tells me that this world needs to look at our first chakra issues- big time. Enough with the glorification of upper chakra consciousness that asks us to sit upright, close our eyes, and meditate on bliss. No, we are not in a place to be feeling that safe. How do we take the first steps towards reclaiming the sacred stuff we've all taken for granted? What are the issues we need to address?

Foundation and Grounding

Our body is the earthly reality and proof of our existence. We take in Earth when we eat, breathe, and drink. We see, smell, and hear Nature's impressions. Our bodies are our homes just as the Earth is.

When our bodies conduct energy from the Earth through the feet and legs upward, this current is empowering. It helps us to stand tall and be full of vitality. When this tangible foundation is compromised, our growth on all other levels becomes stunted.

When excess energy is accumulated in the upper energy centers of our body, we can lower our sense of gravity through grounding and reverse the flow of energy to be directed back down to Earth for composting. This leaves us less charged and feeling more calm and secure in stressful situations.

Building a solid foundation with an orientation at the physical level of Earth and body is imperative. For many it is too easy to fly off the handle, get lost in thoughts and daydreams, and to have issues with boundaries. Others, deny their own body’s needs and glorify the gifts of the upper chakras used in sitting meditations without valuing a sense of embodiment.

Survival and Fear

There was a time in ancient human history when our physical survival was constantly threatened by our environment. For many this survival fear has been rewired again and again into our nervous systems by way of personal experience with violence and poverty.

When our survival is threatened, whether for real or even just perceived, fear grips us. We become hyper- vigilant, on alert, and always scanning for danger.

This fear certainly brings you to the present moment, but energy goes upward to our minds and outward in jerky motion. When you are afraid, anxiety swirls and there is a feeling that your skin is literally crawling.

Growing up in hostile environments can make us addicted to this survival fear too, for when we are tasked with relaxing we feel seriously uncomfortable (anything to make us not feel that.)

Because the stress response emitted in this state leads to tension, chronic health problems are present. When survival fear is normal for you, there is no energy left to enjoy other states of consciousness.

Roots and Nourishment

Our roots are where we come from. The Earth, our mothers, our families, our hometowns, our experiences in childhood, our ancestors- all connect us to our personal and collective source.

For a plant to receive nourishment and then grow, the soil needs to be both aerated and solid. It is necessary then that one has a good relationship to their own roots. Gaining awareness and understanding and reconciling with your past is the work that must be done. We must do this work with our past to receive the nourishment we need.

This can be difficult especially when you don't feel supported or if there was a time in your life when you didn't feel supported. A person with a deficient sense of support can look collapsed- shoulders slumped, head down, arms pulled into the body.

Trouble with looking at our roots and receiving nourishment may behind many eating disorders. People's relationship to food can be imbalanced as one uses food to fill a void excessively or denies it onto oneself.

Manifesting and Prosperity

When our first chakra is blocked we don't get to live to our potential. We lack empowerment and find it difficult to even get our body’s basic needs met. As householders we need certain things- a well paying respectful job, a safe car, a warm home, manageable debt, and nourishing food need to be consistently secured.

When that is happening, we have an ability to be independent as we can stand on our own two feet. We then have the energy to set our sights wider and to go after our big goals with patience, courage, and consistency.

If you are someone who feels that in many ways you are stuck on square one, first chakra healing is for you. Not many will admit that this is the healing that they need and as such will never be able to manifest their own dreams.


It is ok if this is where you are at. This is where I am at and so many others I love and connect to. We have to heal this personally and collectively. If any of this resonated with you as a need, I urge you to respond in the comments, to contact me, or to get involved with events where this healing is being practiced.

I have spots left at my Cannabis Grounding Retreat on Sunday June 26th. Here these concepts will be addressed and remedied through plant medicine, guided visualization, creative expression, garden walks, and dialectic journaling.

Leave with a deeper sense of connection to your body and the Earth that holds it.

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