• Jessica Mascle

Dissociation: An American Epidemic

One of the most alarming characteristics of the human condition is the way in which we have been raised to dissociate from our bodies. From the moment of our births, to the years sitting at a desk at school, and then at jobs as cogs in a machine we were never taught to be present and dutiful to our bodies.

I dare to say that this body dissociation is the reason why people can kill other people and why our planet is dying. If we don't value our own bodies, how can we value the life of another? If we don't value our own body as our home there is no way we can value life- giving Earth. The whole world needs more grounding- into our bodies, into the spaces around us, and onto the Earth on which we depend! When we are ungrounded, we live in our minds and in our egos. We see one another and Nature as separate. I want to help you become more comfortable living in your body, to see yourself as part of Nature, to be present and, with all of this, to feel more safe and secure. Working with cannabis, we will spend an afternoon on an urban farm where roots abound. Here there are the purest sights and sounds to inspire you. Our garden walks will be sublime! In the farmhouse we will go deeper into healing the body through guided visualization, tapping, creative expression, dialectic journaling, movement, and restorative yoga practices. Safe, high vibration Kija brand cannabis grown on my family’s own farm in green Maine will facilitate our journey to balance juicy exciting insights and a one - pointed and relaxed mind.

*You will also get plenty of medicine to take home with you and a healthy meal included in the cost. Only 12 spots total!

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