• Jessica Mascle

Balance Your Root Chakra

A charge runs through us whenever we are excited for any reason- could be with anger or when we are just plain inspired.

When we are afraid for our survival the charge is intense. In times of fear, the energy moves in and up through our system. You can see a person who carries excess charge as their shoulders are raised up towards the ears.

Memories, good and bad, hold charge.

We can also create charge in our systems through intentional practices.

When we feel depressed we are lacking this energy coursing through us. When we increase our own charge intentionally we feel more alive!

In a highly sensitive person though or for someone that has endured trauma and abuse this charge can feel like too much and it's experienced as anxiety.

For this reason it is important to have an awareness of your own sense of balance when it comes to grounding because ideally energy moves both ways- up from Earth and then back down for composting.

When we are deficient in charge it is because the first chakra is contracted and blocked so tightly the energy meant to flow through the center is deflected and diffused away and all around. It may take a lot of work for that person to connect with sensation in the feet, legs and pelvic floor. This person may fidget, cross their arms, and/or shift from leg to leg while standing. There is a restlessness present as the ability to ground down towards earth at the root is weak.

When there is deficient energy through the first chakra there is a tendency to neglect the body, the home, finances, and details- everything that is tangible in our lives. Fantasizing, daydreaming, knowledge seeking, and spirituality, which are upper chakra faculties, will be chosen time and time again at the expense of the material.

1st Chakra Deficiency Symptoms

  • Frequent anxiety

  • Poor boundaries

  • Lack of focus and discipline

  • Disorganization

  • Neglecting health problems

  • Difficulty connecting to nature

  • Financial trouble

When there is an excess of charge running through the first chakra we can't use any of it because it's all wound up. There is a gripping and clinging like a plant whose roots have outgrown their pot. This situation leaves one rigid and resistant to any type of change. There is a sense of holding on for dear life. The body will not be restless like above, so while the body is still, the eyes are on high alert. One clings to their routines, habits, possessions, relationships, and old ways leading one to sense that they are stuck and stagnant. With this overcompensation, there is little energy left to be imaginative or intuitive.

1st Chakra Excess Symptoms

  • Hoarding

  • Greed

  • Rigidity

  • Resistance to change

  • Overeating

  • Obesity

  • Addiction

Deficient types benefit from containing their charge and excessive types need flow, movement and letting go. Both situations can be classified as a “blocked” first chakra.

It is also very possible to have both deficient and excessive patterning at the same time. Lucky me!

So, we want to balance out both of those currents. We want energy coming up from the earth flowing through the root center energizing us and then the excess to come back down through the root to ground us. We can be stable and able to flow at the same time. We are present, dynamic, and calm.

Mastery of this flow, up and down, is the first step towards any healing journey.

If this resonates with you, I encourage you to sign up for my Cannabis Healing event Sunday June 26th. There are only a few spots left!

This day will focus on grounding, which is a two- way current. I can't think of a better place to do this work than on a farm where roots, shoots and compost illustrate this very concept.

Connect with your inner infant, your body, and become aware of your own deficient and/or excessive tendencies. We will work with cannabis in guided visualization, to draw the body, to tap (EFT), and to move the body in gentle yogic postures.

You will leave with a deeper connection to your own body, your path, and Nature.

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