• Jessica Mascle

A Strong Digestion is The Key to Happiness

Our digestion works so hard all day and all night. Add processed foods and stress to that and our systems become overloaded. Then starts the struggle with all sorts of annoying issues like body weight fluxuation, low energy, poor sleep quality, headaches, congestion, depression, anxiety, burnout, inflammation, and allergies. We start to feel heavy, dull, clogged, confused, and lethargic. It does not have to be this way!

If you do the work to establish and keep a strong digestive fire you will not have these issues and you will be able to transform your life for the better on all levels of your being. You will radiate vitality, contentment, confidence, clarity, health and beauty. Sound better?

According to ayurveda, a strong and healthy digestive fire is the cornerstone of health. This digestive fire is called agni. The words ignite and ignition actually come from this ancent sanskit word. Your agni or digestive fire refers to your power to process all aspects of your life- food and drink, emotions, experiences, and sensory information. A strong balanced agni leaves you feeling light and clear.

If your digestive fire or agni is weak, much goes undigested. That which goes undigested becomes a toxic sludge-like substance that is called ama in ayurveda. Ama is considered the root of all disease. When ama accumulates, the body deteriorates, our hormones get out of balance, inflammation gets carried away, and our emotions get stuck.

We must honor these processes within us if we want to feel and look our best. It is good to know that doing so doesn't have to be complicated. Just have the intention to follow this simple mantra:

"I stoke my sacred fire and I do the work to clear out toxic sludge."

But how do you do that? The best way that I have found is to conduct an ayurvedic cleanse at the change of season in the fall and spring. These cleanses allow your digestive system to rest from the overtaxing lifestyle that we have become accustomed to. By eating a diet that is simple and nourishing and by observing certain daily practices that by nature stoke agni and expel ama you can find the health and balance you are looking for.

I have developed a way to teach you how to do this called the Feel Light and Clear Spring Cleanse. It is a completely online experience where you log in each day to learn more about ayurveda and yoga as they pertain to your digestive health, interact with the cleanse group and myself, and log your daily scores. I hope you will join us this April and start feeling your best!

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