• Jessica Mascle

A Simple Summer Morning Routine

Even though summer is a time when we let loose, enjoy a sense of freedom and expansion, and allow ourselves to play like children, it is still beneficial to hold strong to some simple routines. Routines, according to ayurveda, soothe the nervous system and at a time of greater spontaneity, can help you to feel your best. Adding these EASY morning practices don't have to feel like "work" either.

Upon waking, scrape your tongue (with a tongue scraper), brush your teeth, rub coconut oil onto your gums, add some water to your mouth, and swish. The tongue scraping removes toxins that were expelled as you slept and the "oil pulling" reduces gum inflamation and kills bacteria. Takes 3 minutes tops!

Drink some warm water with lime to activate your digestion and elimination process. Simple!

Get on your yoga mat and move your body to release tension and cleanse toxins. Stretch from your toes to your neck in whatever way feels good and is safe. You don't have to be a pro to do this!

Spend some time focusing on your breath. While lying on your back, feel your tummy rise on the inhalation and fall on the exhalation. Think of your breath as gentle cool water waves.

After showering with a gentle soap, anoint yourself with sweet and cooling essential oils like sandalwood, rose, and peppermint. Feel free to reapply throughout the day.

Eat a summer appropriate* breakfast. Some ideas include a fruit salad with fresh mint, mashed avacado on sprouted wheat toast drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, or a smoothie with coconut milk, ripe banana and mango, vanilla flavored hemp-protien powder, and flax seeds. Yum!

Adding just these simple practices can have a profound influence on the way you feel in the summer. Give them a try and see how your mind and body react.

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