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5 Things to Look for in Your Vedic Birth Chart

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Can you imagine how insanely important the planets and the stars were to our ancestors? Each and every ancient civilization looked to the skies for guidance. Our ancestors knew the cosmos played a major role in both their material and spiritual lives. How far we have strayed from this connection! What wisdom are we missing out on when we deny our cosmic being?

Each planet gives out a vibe that upholds the order of the universe. The movements of the planets define our day, our month, and our year. The positions of the planets in the sky at any given time determine a unique quality that plays out in our own day to day lives.

When we look at where each of the planets were at the moment of our birth we can tell so much about the course of our lives. We can see our gifts, our purpose, our desires, our challenges, and the keys to our liberation.

Learning to read your Vedic birth chart helps you to gain true knowledge of Self and to see the whole universe within you. These are the indicators I would study first:

1. Your Moon Sign: In India if someone asks you your sign, you tell them your Moon sign not your Sun sign, like in the West. This sign tells you so much more about who you are emotionally and intimately.

2. Your Moon’s Natal Nakshatra: The Moon moves pretty quickly through the sky through what are called Lunar Mansions or Nakshatras. Depending on where the Moon was positioned at the time of your birth, determines your natal nakshatra. This indicator tells you even more specifically about the unique expression and personality of your Moon.

3. Your Rising Sign: This is what is used in “Western style astrology” as “your sign”, BUT it may be that your sign is totally different than what you have been thinking all along. I have a friend who is a Libra in Western astrology and a Cancer in Vedic astrology and my sister is a Libra in the West and a Scorpio in the East. This can be fascinating to look at yourself through new eyes! This sign will tell how you are perceived by others and be more of an indication of your ego.

4. Your Ascendant Lord: Each sign of the Zodiac (which are the same 12) is ruled by a planet and the planet is called the Lord. This planet’s energy is likely strong within you. This can tell you even more about the coloring and personality of your Rising Sign. You can even add a layer and read what House that planet lives in your natal chart and see further connections.

5. Your Atmakaraka: this planet holds the most power in your chart and also holds the key for the lessons you are here to learn you in this lifetime.

Let me help you find these signifiers in your chart. Book in for a Self-Healing Consultation!

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