Free to Manifest Challenge

August 1 - Sept 6th 2020

Too many of us will:

  • stay in jobs that don’t honor our body’s needs

  • look to others to make us feel good

  • sabotage our own success

  • never know and pursue our soul’s true purpose

  • eat, shop, and drink to fulfill ourselves

  • live hating our minds

  • end up with diseases of the mind and body

Join this challenge and aspire to overcome these obstacles and live as the best version of yourself living your best life!

In this 5-week challenge you will:

  • Get clarity around you soul’s purpose in this lifetime

  • Form a relationship with and make progress towards the release of your deep-seated emotions and self-limiting beliefs

  • Move towards that which brings you joy and nourishment

  • Take action towards your soul’s desires

  • Grow and create


How it works:

In the beginnning of each week, I will share a selection of wisdom,  resources , and tools in the form of a weekly assignment. Midweek, we will check in with one another to be sure everyone is making some progress towards the assignment and to address any questions or concerns that are coming up. At the end of the week we will meet and share our take-aways and harvests from the week's assignment.

Cost: 125.00 USD

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