The Ayurvedic Winter Kitchen


As winter approaches, we begin to think about how our diet can and should change with the season. With winter comes wind and cold which can dry out and lighten our body and mind systems. Winter is the time to build up and nurture ourselves in response. To balance the dryness, we should choose to eat foods with healthy oils liberally. To help with the digestive process we should keep our foods and drinks warm. Nature’s ayurvedic antidote in the winter calls for us to eat less dry and light foods like salads and dry cereals and indulge a bit in our intake of meats, oils, salt, nuts, sweeteners, dairy, wheat products, and rice. 


Come learn about what nature intends for us to eat in the winter and enjoy cooking and eating a meal as a community. A great activity to do in celebration and preparation of the New Year! 

The Complete Wellness Arts and Science Center

December 30th 6 - 8:00pm