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A Moon Practice for Emotional Healing


We are accustomed to tracking the Sun and its cycle- each day the sun rises and the sun sets, without fail.


But, what is the Moon doing?


  • How do we track her cycle?

  • How do we sync ourselves with her?

  • What is the benefit of this practice?

This is what we will explore in the coming weeks as I guide you through  A Moon Practice for Emotional Healing.


I will guide you as we use this month’s moon cycle as an opportunity to do some emotional cleanup and create more space for receiving the goodness you desire.


This is a four-step process:

Phase 1 starts with the near empty/dark/new moon this week. I will guide you through the process of identifying what emotions you need to heal and be free from and we will set some intentions for what we want to invite into our life.


Phase 2 starts the following week as the moon waxes, and we use our tools and resources, to mobilize those old emotions out from our mind/body systems


Phase 3 starts the week after that when the moon is full. Here we practice releasing and letting go of those old emotions.

Phase 4 is the last week of the cycle. As the moon wanes, we pay attention to our new sense of space and the receiving of the goodness we set our intentions on..

I would love to gather a community of women in this Moon Practice for Emotional Healing!

This is a free/donation-based offering. After the coming moon's cycle, towards mid-December, we will check in through a FREE half-hour chat to see what your experience and harvest was. You will be able to make a donation at that time if you are moved to.

In order to receive the videos, the workbook, the resources, and the community that accompany the practice you need to be on my newsletter list and in my Private Facebook Group - Aspire to Grow. 

Hope to see you there!

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