5 - Day Emotional Growth Challenge

  • Does fear have an unhealthy control on your behavior and choices?

  • Do you experience the feeling that you are not "enough" too often?

  • Do you continuously distract yourself from being alone with your tough emotions?


These fears, beliefs, and emotions can manifests themselves as: 

  • Issues with addiction

  • Issues in relationships

  • Issues with career

  • Issues with disease


Consider that the key to feeling better is doing some emotional digestion!

Join me for a 5-day challenge where I guide you through a five step process, informed by Vedic wisdom, for digesting your emotions and growing into your potential!

Day 1: Identify the fear/ false belief / emotion in your body

Day 2: Set your intention for how you actually want to feel and live

Day 3: Take action to move the fear/ false belief / emotion in your body

Day 4: Release the fear/ false belief / emotion

Day 5: Practice receiving your intention and celebrate you growth!

Cost for the 5 -day challenge is 25. USD

Starts February 24th!